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Mind Your Movements Podcast #21 Colin P. Maguire

I was joined by Colin P Maguire a Canadian ethnomusicologist researching music and martial arts. While he was here on a scholarship researching Irish music and its link to the Shillelagh, faction fights and Irish stick fighting. This was a fascinating conversation on a very interesting topic.


You can find more information about his project and where to find him below:

Mind Your Movements Podcast #17 Sarah Moves

Another fun outdoor podcast from our time in Cork. We were joined by the amazing Sarah Moves a Movement coach based in Cork city. We talked about all sorts of topics including martial arts and coaching.

You can find her below.

Mind Your Movements Podcast #16 Shakira Coonghe

Our first ever outdoor podcast with the amazing Shakira.

We had some awesome chats in Cork this is a short podcast but we spent a lot of time moving and talking afterwords. We talked all about movement, martial arts and what we love to do.

You can find Shakira in Cork and below.



Mind Your Movements Podcast #4 Phil Norman

I sat down for a quick podcast with Phil Norman of Ghost Elusive Combat after an excellent seminar, Thanks to James Devine of Skerries Martial Arts for arranging the event.

You can find Phil below:

Shout Out

James Devine Of Skerries Martial Arts

Mind Your Movements Podcast #2 Jody Kennedy

I sat down with fellow Irish Movement Coach Jody and discussed a wide range of topic from masculinity, to the pros and cons of tribalism as well as his own background and philosophies in training coming from a background in martial arts and Crossfit.


Jody can be found below:


Some notable mentions from  the podcast

Tony Riddle 

Andy Myers and the AM Fitness crew

Gary Ward and Anatomy in Motion


A few audio issues we are working to fix but stay tuned for more upcoming guests.