Mind Your Movements Podcast #12 Emmet Louis

I was joined by the flexibility wizard Emmet Louis. With a guest appearance from David Eriksson who sat in on the recording. We covered a lot of interesting topics on training, mobility and more.


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Mind Your Movements Podcast #11 Yeray Morillas

I was joined by coach, mover, handbalancer and friend Yeray for a podcast discussing coaching, learning and all aspects of training.  Yeray taught at our recent Ape Escape event and has some very interesting insights into training.

Enjoy his charming Spanish accent. Apologies for teh sniffles we were both struggling with hay fever.

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Mind Your Movements Podcast #10 Ryan Murphy

I was joined by Ryan Murphy a tracuer from California who stayed with me on the first leg of his European tour. Ryan is currently on a parkour tour of Europe and I was happy to show him Ireland. We sat down and talked all about parkour our own feelings on the discipline and lots of other topics in the mix.

Keep an eye on Ryan as he is working to open his own parkour gym upon his return to the USA.


You can find Ryan and follow his travels below.







Mind Your Movements Podcast #9 CoConnection

I was joined by Fergus and Myles of CoConnection to discuss some important areas including mental health, depression, pain management and a whole lot more.

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YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiwzMO_jqU2JEQ6Ur1U3caQ




Mind Your Movements Podcast #8 Robbie O'Driscoll

Robbie O'Driscoll owner and head instructor of Cafe Move in Cork sat down after a workshop with Emmet Louis to chat all things movement.

We talked about how he got into training, the importance of community and doing what you enjoy.

Check out his amazing facility below:

Mind Your Movements Podcast #7 Phil Greenfield

I sat down for an excellent podcast with Phil Greenfield. One of our longest podcasts and we touched on some really interesting topics.


Phil is a practitioner of martial arts, Certified Zero Balancer and Teacher of Zero Balancing, a graduate of the McTimoney School (Oxford), and author of 'Unravelling - Letting Go, Getting Well'. Having spent twenty three years running a busy bodywork practice in the UK, Phil has a fascinating insight into pain and its treatment.


You can find Phils website here:


Phils excellent book 'Unravelling - Letting Go, Getting Well' here: 


Mind Your Movements Podcast #6 David McGettigan

I was joined for a great podcast by David McGettigan a therapist who specializes in pain and movement. We sat down for a great chat about many interesting topics.

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Sorry for the audio trouble on this I have finally figured out what caused it and will have this resolved for future podcasts.


Mind Your Movements Podcast #5 Frederik Beck

I sat down for a podcast with Frederik Beck of Physical Alchemy. We sat down to discuss all things flexibility and mobility and had a very interesting chat.

Fred has recently moved to Dublin and is now offering workshops, classes and private lessons in this system.

We figured out a few audio issues and are ironing them out.

Freds links
Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/frederikbeckpa/?hl=en
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/frederik.beck.5

Shout Outs

Physical Alchemy - https://physicalalchemy.com.au/
Kit Laughlin - https://stretchtherapy.net/