Inspirational Inspiration

So its February 1st have you given up on your resolutions yet? Have you lost all inspiration and will to continue with your goals?


Let me start by saying that the first thing I often ask a client is “why?”. It is often a very hard question for people to answer and one that many don’t think about. But for some people, the why of what they do is that they found something that inspired them and this pushed them to pursue their own personal goal


Today I am going to talk about a massive part of the “fitness” industry and something that floods  Instagram and social media feeds of fitness enthusiast’s worldwide inspiration. Now I am not just talking about inspirational quotes over some nature picture like the one I added below. This is where people get too hyper-focused on one definition of a word. Inspiration can be as varied as anything else that people do. This is why a label can be such a powerful and dangerous tool. When you talk about inspiration in the fitness world we all think of the generic picture however like I say inspiration differs from person to person.


Here is something people often don’t mention about inspiration it needs to be regularly topped up. If you need to feel inspired to move, find things that inspire you and use them regularly to fuel your journey. As I say it is so varied so if you have that one thing then revisit it, use it as fuel go back and look at it and remind yourself of why you are doing what you do.


One of the most powerful tools which I will cover another time is to create a community of people who inspire you. This also helps to prevent negativity and helps to create a community that will encourage you to keep going.


So if you are fueled by inspiration then go back and look at what caused you to pursue your goal and keep refreshing that inspiration so that when you need it you can top up that feeling and reach your own goal whatever that may be.