About Us

We got into training people as we wanted to do things right. We wanted to train individuals and learn how to fix any issues their bodies might have. We have trained and practice a number of disciplines and we do not stick to any one system or style. We keep learning so that we can provide you with the best possible training and information.

We aim to find what meets your goals if that is getting a handstand, preparing for a fight, lose some weight or simply being able to move without pain we want to help.

Meet Our Team

Head Trainer - Nathan Featherstone

Doing a mix of sports growing up such as rugby, karate and boxing it was In my late teens I found a love for martial arts again and started training and competing in MMA, BJJ as well as Dog Brother Martial Arts which I also began teaching.

This led me to want to be able to help people train better for these, to move better and be stronger for their goals. After trying a wide range of training types this led to GMB and he fell in love with movement training. While I still do a variety of strength training and continues to learn, it is GMB that gave me the tools of how to use my body, build strength and help others move better and be more comfortable in their own bodies.

GMB instructor, Olympic weightlifting instructor, Personal Trainer and fitness instructor.


Head Chef - Luc Cahier


I was always a keen lover of sports growing up this combined with a deep passion for food lead me to the journey i find myself on now. Currently undertaking Precision Nutrition advisory course i hope to deliver to our clients  individually tailored dietary plans.

With 6 years of professional kitchen experiences  hope to excite clients with  unique and healthy food. I love to work with people and see food as fundamental in recovery and growth. I am also a avid mediator.

One core principle of ours has always been the power of the mind , its usefulness in injury recovery and for change psychology.

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